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The Best of Us, the Worst of Them

Patient, loving expressions. Happy tails wagging. That extra sense that drives them to tell us something is off. Dogs bring out the absolute best in us. It's impossible not to smile when a dog grins. They're our protectors, our friends, and sometimes our workers.

I was supposed to start training to get a service dog for my PTSD, but paperwork is in the way. I know dogs help me feel better, and the training the service dogs get is invaluable. I was really looking forward to it, only to have my hopes crushed when the paperwork fell through.

A friend's service dog was killed yesterday in a hit and run. I knew the dog, and he was everything I hoped my service dog would be. Now I'm feeling twice the loss, and it hurts. No dog deserves an end like that, but this pup was helping a fellow veteran battle his PTSD.

I rescue dogs that get dumped in my neighborhood. All too often, those dogs are pitbulls who have been tried as fighting dogs. Even if the dog has no physical scarring, there's no telling what kind of emotional damage has been done. What is it about people that make them want to hurt these sweet creatures?

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