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Marly's Misadventure

October 2019

“Make yourself useful and get up to the crow’s nest,” Darius growled, pushing a metal tube towards Marly. A heavy hand reddened by the sun threatened to cuff the smaller figure.

Thank You For Your Service

October 2019

“Thank you for your service.” A woman’s hand reached out to me as she smiled with a look that did not seem to mirror the gratitude in her words. 

It took everything in me not to shudder. Instead, I gave her a terse nod and gripped her hand. “Thank you for your support.” My mouth spoke the words automatically, but I tried to convey some warmth in them. It’s the expected response, after all, and I am quite good at doing what is expected of me. 

The First Hearthfire

January 2020

The Breaking did not just tear the land of Vythael apart. It did not simply rip up Ahvora's family. It changed her entire essence, but it also gave her a purpose. Though she does not quite understand it, Ahvora knows she must reach the town of Soryn to find out. If only she knew where that was...

Based on a Dungeons and Dragons homebrew campaign world called Vythael, "The First Hearthfire" depicts how a festival called Hearthfire first began. (Vythael is owned and DM'd by @KaidrakAW.)